Saturday, November 7, 2009

How much does Praveen Swami know about Kashmir

Well if you are a Kashmiri and have been following Praveen Swami's editorials on Kashmir then this is how you feel about it.The first impression is 'Man this guy should have been into writing fiction writing rather than a News editor', he is damn good at making stories. And stories with such intricate details that one would wonders that how come he got to know so much and the countries intelligence fails to do so.

What surprises me the most are his declarative statements about what Islam is to Kashmiris and what different sects of Islam are. I guess he is kind of too obsessed about Kashmir and God knows why did he choose Kashmir as a subject for his boastful news reporting. And what i feel is because we Kashmiris have been unfortunate in so many ways maybe this was a part of our misfortune.

A crazy guy based in chennai knows how terrorist plots are set in the busy streets of Srinagar , the motive behind them and what not. And man he is a lucky guy indeed as he has managed to grab hold of "The Hindu" which otherwise is considered a newspaper of national repute to publish all his "fiction full of suspense and humor", that is what it looks like to us Kashmiris.

And hold your breath guys, the best part is he is into writing books on Kashmir and he has managed to get a couple of awards within India for his journalism work (fiction otherwise) on Kashmir.

Mr. Swami I guess you owe Kashmiris a lot for they have been the subject of your writing, and a unique subject which can be described in whatever possible way you can diversify your imagination. And your subject hardly ever complains as he is too occupied to complain or rather his state is so helpless that he never realizes what is being done to him. And how he is stereotyped as a terrorist, or a man without aspirations for freedom but desperate for peace no matter if it costs him his dignity and so on. Looking forward to more such fiction scoops..